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Every year, small to medium sized businesses and HR departments like yours need to know who job applicants really are, additionally are they who they claim to be? Performing background checks on new applicants is one way to be certain that every applicant is equally qualified and most of all are who they claim to be.

However, many businesses do not screen their employees – and end up liable for thefts, damages – even injuries or death when things go wrong.

Worse yet, many background screening companies take advantage of businesses by offering instant reports and background checks. They may be fast, but they are not FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) compliant and these types of background checks could result in legal actions being taken against you or your business.

Employee background screenings save money, reduce your liability, and build trust with your customers, especially if your workers regularly visit homes and businesses.

In conclusion background screenings are simple, easy, and cost efficient  to do

However, not all background screening services are the same. Furthermore, you need investigators who:
  • Give you a 100% accurate picture of the whole applicant, with no missing information that could lead to problems months and years down the line
  • Offer fast turnaround times and affordable rates, especially if you need to screen applicants on an ongoing basis
  • Can answer your questions directly, making it easy to resolve issues without spending hours on hold when you just want to talk to a real live human being
  • Understand communication is important and are available, by telephone, email or fax when you need assistance

At eGuarded, we offer detailed background checks and security consultations for companies of all sizes.

We use our years of experience in the investigation and security industries to help HR professionals and business owners like you  make hiring decisions quickly, easily, and with confidence – and to ensure that you feel comfortable sending employees to any job.

If you sign up today, you can get results in as soon as 12-36 hours, as well as real customer support from real private investigators ready to answer your questions. There ís no long-term commitment – and no stone left unturned.

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“I have been working with Tom at eGuarded for over 10 years and I am a very satisfied customer. I appreciate his high level of personal service and responsiveness to questions or issues.  He is a true professional, and Tom is the reason we do business with eGuarded.”
Laura D. Rhoad, SPHR, MS, SHRM-SCP

Director of Human Resources, Shaw Development LLC

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