Background Checks

Do you know who you are hiring?

Have they answered the questions on your application honestly?

fsbackgroundHere is why every business, large or small, needs to conduct accurate, reliable and timely employment background screenings:

    • Nearly 30% of the US population has a criminal record (source – DOJ)
    • Nearly 10% of the US workforce abuse drugs or alcohol (source – HHS)
    • Over 50% of resumes contain false or misleading information
    • Businesses are becoming increasingly more liable for bad hiring decisions – the average Judgment is $2.6 million
    • Many state and federal contracts require e-Verifications

Why eGuarded?

    • Best and most accurate data available (We do not “bait n’ switch” the data)
    • All records are verified by our well trained staff (FCRA requirement)
    • Turnaround times one of the best in the industry – 24 to 48 hours (Instant reports are NOT FCRA compliant and the quickest way to a lawsuit)
    • Easy to read and understand reports
    • Staff available 24/7/365 – no need to push phone buttons to speak with our staff
    • No setup, subscription or maintenance fees

What we offer and for how much?

    • shutterstock_228936508Comprehensive state and local criminal histories
    • Federal criminal histories
    • Driving records
    • Drug testing
    • E-Verification (I-9’s)
    • Employment verifications
    • Education verifications
    • Professional license verifications

Our most popular and comprehensive criminal history search is only $34.95.

Our most popular and comprehensive criminal history search with a driver’s license history is only $41.97.

Who should you conduct background screenings on?


  • shutterstock_154371413All employees in all industries
  • Independent contractors
  • Tenants
  • Volunteers
  • Accountants
  • Vendors
  • Doctors

Personal use:

  • Caregivers/babysitters
  • Landscapers
  • In-home service providers (plumbers, HVAC, electricians, house cleaner, home health aides, etc)

It’s Not about trust…  It’s about Due Dilligence


It’s about being Informed

It’s about being Empowered

It’s about being Protected

Background checks and employee screening

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Packages start at just $34.95. Get results in 12-36 hours.

Verifying an Employment Background Screening

Many employers choose to perform an employment background screening to protect their company. Unfortunately, there is room for error, and it is possible for results to lack accuracy and pin a criminal background on an innocent person. Luckily, there are multiple ways to identify mistakes and fix them before it’s too late.

Common Causes

If an unlucky applicant happens to share a name and birthdate with a convicted felon, their report may come back incorrect. If the candidate has encountered this issue in the past, more than likely, they will have the correct information to prove that the company has been misinformed.

Another explanation for inaccurate information to be included in your results is if the company chose to take shortcuts in the procedure. These careless mistakes could possibly jeopardize someone’s job opportunity, and your gaining of a reliable employee.

How to Avoid Inaccurate Results

Receiving inaccurate information is disappointing, but there are ways to ensure your results are accurate and secure.

The first step an employer should take is reviewing the results with the candidate. If there are any mistakes, they have the right to file a dispute against the company that was hired for screening. Under this circumstance, the company will be given 30 days to investigate the claims. The company may extend investigation to 45 days if additional information is brought up.

If the results lead to an investigation, an employer will decide whether they want to wait 30-45 days, or drop their candidate completely and offer the position to another hire.

Driving Records

Obtain driving records locally and out-of-state in as little as 12 hours

Criminal History

Criminal records, license censures, fraud and firing histories


Immigration compliance and status verification

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