PCI Compliance

7b70d7a2-40b8-4c03-a419-a9db4ccdef9aCredit Card regulations require that credit cards processed online be processed on secured servers and in a highly prescribed manner. Non-compliance can be costly, and dangerous to both buyers and businesses.

Safeguarding your business by following the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) Best practices.  PCI DSS requires (via Requirement 12.7) that a background check be performed on any prospective employee who will have access to cardholder data or the cardholder data environment. Background checks are also recommended (but not required) for employees who only have access to more that payment type at a time when facilitating a transaction, such as store cashiers.

Background checks can include verification of previous employment history, criminal record, credit history and reference checks. The PCI DSS does not specifically say you have to do all of these things, only that you ensure background checks are completed prior to hire and that you conduct the background checks “within the constraints of local laws.

Protect your online sales and your customers credit card data – become PCI compliant today. Card Systems, Inc. offers PCI Compliance services to anyone processing sales online.

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