Job Site and Construction Security

prevent job site theft

Portable and Reusable

One of the issues with construction sites is that they are temporary. Here today – and gone tomorrow – to another construction job. How does a contractor secure his assets without hiring expensive security guards or having to run wiring every which way for an alarm system only to abandon the system when the job is completed?

Now, imagine having a job site security system that is portable – moving from one site to another. Wireless – no need for hard-wired connections between the sensors and its monitoring base unit. Your sensors are weatherproof, indestructible and have a range of almost half of a mile (2000 feet radius) from the base unit.

Prevent Theft

Have you ever been the victim of construction theft? I would guess nearly every contractor has suffered the loss of equipment, tools, machinery and materials. Not only did it hit you financially upfront, but then again crushed you bottom line when you couldn’t meet project deadlines. Are there solutions to this ever-growing problem? Absolutely!


Secure bulldozers, generators, forklifts, chainsaws, etc.


Secure copper tubing, lumber, wire/cable spools, piping,


Our Wireless Construction Site Security System transmits its signals using cell burst technology, not by phone lines, nor cables lines, nor having the need for an internet connection. This system is simply undefeatable! All that is needed is a source of power – either by standard electrical power, generator or by Deep Cell Batteries. Secure you job site tonight!

Perimeter and Trailer

Secure the construction trailer with the base unit, and the perimeter with the Border Guard, all in the same system.

Completely Customizable

Build the system that fits your business: start with a Base Unit then add up to 400 sensors – whichever ones you need!

Job Construction Site Alarm System
Introduction to the Tattletale Job Site Alarm System
So durable, it survives being shot by a gun!

Monitoring Your Way

  • 24/7 Monitoring with No Contracts
  • Text/Email Alerts Only: $20/mo
  • Police, Fire and Medical Alerts: $35/mo
  • Add the mobile app for $10/mo

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 3 year product warranty

Instant Alerts

When a tornado lifted a construction trailer into mid-air, the alarm system sent it’s alert while still aloft, then survived landing and reported its low battery 20 hours later. Authorities were INSTANTLY alerted to the cause.

Protect your job site today


Move to any location as needed


Tamperproof technology


Mobile alerts sent to your device


One unit can monitor multiple sensors over large areas.

We can help you order JUST the sensors you need to protect your site, your business, your future!

Instant, Wireless, Portable

Sixty second setup, anywhere with wireless technology and simple set up.

Extended Range

Sensors can be placed up to 300 feet from the base unit – perimeter protection that communicates through walls.

Motion Detection

Thirty foot, 90 degree built-in infrared sensors provide motion detection in every unit.

Sensor Extensions

Customize your unit with up to 50 separate sensors over a 300 foot radius. Add smoke detectors, motion sensors, door and window sensors, glass-break detectors, and more.

Tamperproof Design

Patented Rattlesnake Technology prevents tampering and attempts to disable, alerting authorities instantly when triggered.

Battery Back-up

Unplugging the tattletale doesn’t stop it. Rechargeable batteries keep protecting your valuables up to 20 hours.

Text/Email Alerts

Receive texts and/or email alerts from the unit to multiple recipients.

Hot Buttons

Keep ‘high target’ areas protected even when the unit is disarmed.

Siren and Strobe

Provide visual and auditory deterrants with lights and siren alarms.

Pet Button

Restrict detection zones to non-pet heights for property where pets are roaming.


Free text and email alerts for 30 days. Upgrade to police and fire monitoring, with live 24/7 operators.

Key Fob

Convenience in the palm of your hand: arm, disarm or utilize the panic button from a key fob.

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