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Home or Personal Alarm Systems

Protect Your Family

Plug It In

  • 30 Second Setup
  • No wires or installation
  • Arm/disarm with key fob or mobile app
  • Built-in Strobe/Siren
  • 20 Hour Battery Backup
  • Protects 10,000 sq ft with 500′ perimeter
  • Tamperproof Technology

Add Accessories

Extend the system’s capabilities by adding up to 95 wireless sensors.

  • Window and Door Open Sensors
  • Glass Break Sensors
  • Motion Sensors with pet settings
  • Smoke Detector

Top of the Line Features

  • Pet Mode
  • Stealth Mode
  • Quiet Mode
  • Hot Button and more

24/7 Monitoring with No Contracts

  • Police, Fire and Medical: $28.95/mo
  • Text/Email Only: $20.95/mo

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • 30 Money Back
  • 3 Year Product Warranty

Tamperproof design

Our patented Rattlesnake Technology takes picking up or moving the device out of the equation. As soon as the alarm senses a change in position or orientation, it is triggered. The device will contact you or authorities in just six tenths of a second.

Intro to Alarm System

Product Features

Instant, Wireless, Portable

Sixty second setup, anywhere with wireless technology and simple set up.

Extended Range

Sensors can be placed up to 300 feet from the base unit - perimeter protection that communicates through walls.

Motion Detection

Thirty foot, 90 degree built-in infrared sensors provide motion detection in every unit.

Sensor Extensions

Customize your unit with up to 50 separate sensors over a 300 foot radius. Add smoke detectors, motion sensors, door and window sensors, glass-break detectors, and more.

Tamperproof Design

Patented Rattlesnake Technology prevents tampering and attempts to disable, alerting authorities instantly when triggered.

Battery Back-up

Unplugging the tattletale doesn't stop it. Rechargeable batteries keep protecting your valuables up to 20 hours.

Text/Email Alerts

Receive texts and/or email alerts from the unit to multiple recipients.

Hot Buttons

Keep 'high target' areas protected even when the unit is disarmed.

Siren and Strobe

Provide visual and auditory deterrants with lights and siren alarms.

Pet Button

Restrict detection zones to non-pet heights for property where pets are roaming.


Free text and email alerts for 30 days. Upgrade to police and fire monitoring, with live 24/7 operators.

Key Fob

Convenience in the palm of your hand: arm, disarm or utilize the panic button from a key fob.

“I flip houses for a living in California. This product surpassed my expectations! No false alarms, easy set up.”

Marie W

Real Estate / Property Manager, Bakersfield CA

I have had 2 other alarm systems in the past 15 years and this is the best. It is easy to learn and the size is very convenient. Great automatic clock.

Kim N.


Our DIY – completely wireless system – sets up in just 60 seconds, making it easy to setup or move anywhere with you.


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